[R] hc2Newick is different than th hclust dendrogram

Jose Hleap Lozano jshleap at Dal.Ca
Fri Apr 1 22:47:55 CEST 2011

Hi R helpers... I am having troubles because of the discrepancy  
between the dendrogram plotted from hclust and what is wrote in the  
hc2Newick file. I've got a matrix C:

> hc <- hclust(dist(C))
> plot(hc)

with the:

> write(hc2Newick(hc),file='test.newick')

both things draw completely different "trees"...

I have also tried with the raw distance matrix D and also the agnes  
function, but the same happens. The hclus and agnes dendrogram is  
logical, whereas the newick tree is not.

Thanks for any help!
Jose Sergio Hleap Lozano, M. Sc.
Ph. D. Student, Dalhousie University
Researcher, SQUALUS Foundation

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