[R] Removing Corrupt file

Claudia Beleites cbeleites at units.it
Fri Dec 17 14:51:54 CET 2010


if you execute the code inside a function like

jpegplotfun <- function (a, b){

the dev.off () is not executed if an error occurs before. So the problem is 
basically that the jpeg file is still open (you may noticed open devices in R as 
left overs of these errors).

See ? try  and ? on.exit for ways to deal with situations where you need to 
clean up after errors.



On 12/17/2010 08:24 AM, vikrant wrote:
> Hi
>   I am generating a graph jpeg file using a function R.  I m using this
> script
> a<- 1:10
> b<- 1:10
> jpeg("mygraph.jpeg")
> {
>   plot(a,b)
> }
> dev.off()
> If by some chance I do miss some values suppose for a , the file gets
> created initially and then we do not plot anything in it. This file now
> becomes corrupted and we cannot delete this file from current R Session.
> I Have tried commands like file.remove() and unlink to remove the corrupt
> file from current  R session.
> Is there any other way inorder to remove such files??
> Thanks&  Regards,
> Vikrant

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