[R] help with projection pursuit

Olivier MARTIN olivier.martin at avignon.inra.fr
Fri Feb 27 16:09:37 CET 2009

Hi all,

I have some difficulties with the function ppr for projection pursuit 
I obtained the results for a projection pursuit regression and now I 
would like to
compute some predictions for new data.

I tried the function predict in the following way predict(res.ppr, 
newdata) but it seems
that it is not right. The data rock is given for illustration of the 
function ppr.


rock.ppr <- ppr(log(perm) ~ area1 + peri1 + shape, data = rock, nterms = 2, max.terms = 5)

So suppose I want to make a prediction for the point
area1=10,peri1=3 and shape=2. I tried
the command predict(rock.ppr, c(10,3,2))  but it returns
an error message.
So, could you  indicate me the right way for this prediction?

Thanks for your help.


Martin Olivier
INRA - Unité Biostatistique & Processus Spatiaux
Domaine St Paul, Site Agroparc
84914 Avignon Cedex 9, France
Tel : 04 32 72 21 57
Fax : 04 32 72 21 82

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