[R] Integrating R-programs into larger systems

Frank E Harrell Jr f.harrell at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Apr 27 19:56:09 CEST 2007

Ralf Finne wrote:
> Hi experts!
> Have anybody experience in including an R-program 
> as part of a larger system?  In Matlab there is a toolbox
> that converts a m-script into C-code. 
> One application in mind is that I do the model building in R,
> for estimating the risk for cancer based on clinical measurements.
> When the model is ready, a small R-program can simulate
> the model to estimate the risk for a new patient. The idea is
> that a doctor gets the measurements for the patient sitting in his
> office.  Then he goes to Internet and types in the test measuremnets
> and gets the estimated risk.
> Look at www.finne.info for an early version to get the idea.
> There I developed the model in Matlab and converted it to Excel.
> Don't use the results!  Much better are available in R!
> There are many more applications that need a higher degree
> of integration.
> Than you in advance.
> Ralf Finne
> SYH, University of Applied Sciences
> Vasa Finland

The Design package for R has a version for S-Plus.  In S-Plus you can 
use its Dialog function to automatically create a GUI for getting 
predicted values from a series of fitted models.  We will be working on 
an R version but it will publish the model to a web server.

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