[R] Integrating R-programs into larger systems

Ralf Finne Ralf.Finne at syh.fi
Fri Apr 27 19:29:21 CEST 2007

Hi experts!

Have anybody experience in including an R-program 
as part of a larger system?  In Matlab there is a toolbox
that converts a m-script into C-code. 
One application in mind is that I do the model building in R,
for estimating the risk for cancer based on clinical measurements.

When the model is ready, a small R-program can simulate
the model to estimate the risk for a new patient. The idea is
that a doctor gets the measurements for the patient sitting in his
office.  Then he goes to Internet and types in the test measuremnets
and gets the estimated risk.
Look at www.finne.info for an early version to get the idea.
There I developed the model in Matlab and converted it to Excel.
Don't use the results!  Much better are available in R!
There are many more applications that need a higher degree
of integration.

Than you in advance.

Ralf Finne
SYH, University of Applied Sciences
Vasa Finland

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