[R] Integrating R-programs into larger systems

Rajarshi Guha rguha at indiana.edu
Fri Apr 27 20:00:55 CEST 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-27 at 20:29 +0300, Ralf Finne wrote:
> Hi experts!
> Have anybody experience in including an R-program 
> as part of a larger system?  In Matlab there is a toolbox
> that converts a m-script into C-code. 
> One application in mind is that I do the model building in R,
> for estimating the risk for cancer based on clinical measurements.
> When the model is ready, a small R-program can simulate
> the model to estimate the risk for a new patient. The idea is
> that a doctor gets the measurements for the patient sitting in his
> office.  Then he goes to Internet and types in the test measuremnets
> and gets the estimated risk.

We are in a similar situation and the approach we've used is to keep R
as a backend computation engine (using Rserve) and have a web service
interface to it.

Thus when we develop a predictive model, we dump it on the backend and
have a web service interface to it. With this interface we can then
write a web page client or even include the model into custom code
(command line or GUI).

You can see some examples at:


The first two use previously built predictive models. The last one is a
piece of R code.

Alternatively you could use RApache
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