[R] References of R in use

Armin Roehrl armin at xss.de
Tue Mar 18 17:06:21 CET 2003

> In general, managerial decisions (in large companies) about software are
> most often based on references like
> "Does this sotware use IBM, Sun, Oracle, MS,  big banks, big Telco
> companies, NASA, Academy of Sciences, and so on?"
> rather than "this soft is scalable, offers this and this and that, uses
> proven and sound statistical methods..."

The typical dilemma .. the managers that know nothing about the technology
want to know what their competitors use and why is R not mentionned
in the in-flight magazine like Java,  .Net, etc. They can't impress their 
buddies playing golf quoting they signed a $200k service contract with R.

My advice: don't ask. Simply use R/whatever fits best and gets the job done.
Results count, not big names. Perl, Linux and Ruby made it like that into
tons of big organizations.

I know of people at the following big and small corporations using R:
- Siemens
- Bank of Canada
- Approximity  :-)

also look at the email addresses of the people here:

Have fun with R,

Armin Roehrl, http://www.approximity.com
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