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Jan_Svatos@eurotel.cz Jan_Svatos at eurotel.cz
Tue Mar 18 11:48:29 CET 2003

Dear R-users and expeRts,

can anyone provide me (and others as well, of course) with reference of
companies, scientific labs and/or schools where R is being used?
Or does some (even unofficial) list of comanies etc. where R is being used
I tried to find such an information on R's homepage and on a FAQ page, but
(Of course, searching through this r-help conference one quickly finds lot
of universities, where R is being used, but I wonder whether there
exists some list)

Why I do I want this?

In general, managerial decisions (in large companies) about software are
most often based on references like
"Does this sotware use IBM, Sun, Oracle, MS,  big banks, big Telco
companies, NASA, Academy of Sciences, and so on?"
rather than "this soft is scalable, offers this and this and that, uses
proven and sound statistical methods..."

An information like "R is being (of course succesfully) used in ...." would
be of great help in any discussion about
Statistical and Data Mining software in our company (Eurotel is the largest
mobile operator in Czechia).
(although it seems that I am the only one or at most one of few people
knowing about R and using it in our company).

wouldn't it be nice to have such a list somewhere at
http://www.r-project.org/ ?

Thanks in advance,

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