[R] [OT] Appropriate test?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Thu Mar 13 06:46:40 CET 2003

If you want to use nlme, am I correct is asserting that the best 
reference is

Pinhiero and Bates (2000) Mixed Effects Models in S and S-Plus (NY: 
Springer) ?

Spencer Graves

kjetil brinchmann halvorsen wrote:
> On 12 Mar 2003 at 2:37, Blaise TRAMIER wrote:
> You should have a look at the package nlme, installed with your 
> distribution of R. Look at the help for the function 
> lme (linear mixed models). You have not described your data
> sufficiently to say much more, but you have biological measurements 
> changing through time, if that is in some non-linear fashion
> you could have use of the function nlme (non linear mixed models). 
> If this is'nt enough to get you going, come back with more
> details of your data AND questions to answer.
> Kjetil Halvorsen
>>	I'm having some problem with a dataset and I don't really know how to 
>>analyse it.
>>I have 20 subjects in two groups of treatment (8 an 12 subjects).
>>Biological measure have been recorded at different time, from t0 (before 
>>the treatment) to t7 (3 days after). The time elapsed between each 
>>measure is not constant.
>>What is the most appropriate test to show a difference between the 2 
>>I thought that an anova for repeated measure could do the trick, but I 
>>didn't really find how to do it with R.
>>I sorry for being OT but I didn't really know where to ask this 
>>question. If you could redirect me on a appropriate forum or mailing 
>>list to have that sort of help, I would appreciate a lot.
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Blaise TRAMIER
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