[R] porting splancs library to R

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Tue Sep 19 11:43:58 CEST 2000

>>>>> "Roger" == Roger Bivand <rsb at reclus.nhh.no> writes:


    Roger> Both Nicholas Lewin-Koh <kohnicho at comp.nus.edu.sg> and I have
    Roger> compiled splancs using the rw1011 standard compilation route
    Roger> with success - keeping to the instructions given in the
    Roger> readme.packages file and using Brian Ripley's portal works
    Roger> wonders. The R source package we used is on

    Roger> ftp://reclus.nhh.no/pub/R/splancs-2.01-1.tar.gz

    Roger> but still has the original copyright texts, and has not been
    Roger> released to CRAN. Barry Rowlingson has said:

      BaRo> "I'm happy to release the code under an 'unlimited distribution'
      BaRo> license. I'm not sure about copyright - as long as my name,
      BaRo> email, and web address is in there somewhere I'm happy. I think
      BaRo> some mention of zero-warranty shuold go in there too."

      BaRo> "Splancs is free. Take it, use it, modify it, but make sure
      BaRo> anyone who gets it can find out where it first came from easily
      BaRo> enough."

    Roger> but I'm not sure that that is enough for CRAN. 

I think it is.
I even think you can release it under the GNU public License,
*adding* to a Copyright for Barry Rowlingson (and yourself if you want).

    Roger> I've added examples, test data, and for successive releases of R
    Roger> check that "R CMD check splancs" works.
sounds great.

    Roger> I have however taken out the uk() function and data. The data
    Roger> sets are from Bailey and Gatrell's "Interactive Spatial Data
    Roger> Analysis", and their distribution has been approved. 
??  they *did* approve the distribution of the uk() map data,
   but you haven't included it?  [I must have misunderstood ..].

    Roger> If the licence issue is resolved, then having the source and
    Roger> binaries on CRAN would help a fair number of people who ask from
    Roger> time to time.


yes!  and as said above, I think there's no real license problem left
from what I read above [but then I may be not enough strict ..].

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