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Thanks! This is a possible solution, but I would argue not a preferable solution. I'd advocate a mechanism that provides transparent support for MPI, analogous to the way that R 2.13.0 and upwards provides transparent support for OpenMP. Expressing a personal opinion, I would stress the importance of providing both shared memory and message parallel parallelism out-of-the-box in the R interpreter. To use OpenMP or MPI the user would need to have runtime libraries pre-installed on their system. This patch would make it easier for a library to auto-detect an MPI implementation, assuming mpicc is in the path.

My initial post on r-devel had a bug, sorry about that. I've posted a new patch on r-sig-hpc that behaves as intended. It is available here: https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-hpc/2011-September/001104.html.

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One way to deal with this is to install R itself with mpicc. Then all packages are installed with mpicc and get the required MPI libraries and includes by default. I have done this with R-2.13.0 on an Opteron cluster running CentOS-5 a while ago and so far it has worked out great.

I crosspost to r-sig-hpc and welcome others to comment if there are potential downsides to this solution.


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> I am running into the following issue that has been previously 
> reported on the R-devel mailing list. The short version is that I'm 
> writing a package for MPI, and I'd like to change CC and SHLIB_LD to 
> "mpicc". Trying to change them in Makevars.in has no effect, because 
> the values are clobbered by /etc/R/Makeconf. Will the following 
> changes to Makeconf.in introduce any problems?
> --Michael

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