[Rd] Installation problem of R.app GUI 1.15 for R 2.3.0 (PR#8828)

dupan at northwestern.edu dupan at northwestern.edu
Tue May 2 18:34:24 CEST 2006

Full_Name: Pan Du
Version: 2.3.0
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.6
Submission from: (NULL) (


I just downloaded the latest R2.3.0 for Mac. When I tried to install R.app GUI
1.15, it told me "You cannot install R GUI for Mac OS X on this volume. Requires
Mac OS X 10.4.4 or higher." But actually I am using Mac OS X 10.4.6, which is
higher than 10.4.4. Is there anyone knows what the problem is? BTW, all other
packages were installed smoothly. Thanks a lot!



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