[Rd] save bug (PR#2418)

ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 3 18:52:02 2003

On Fri, 3 Jan 2003 bert_gunter@merck.com wrote:

> My apologies if these are known -- I'm new to R (moved over from S-Plus).
> All on Windows NT GUI, R1.6.1 and associated packages.
> 1. save(x) gives the following error message:
> Error in save(x) : `file' must be non-empty string
> According to the save() help file, the empty string is the default.

Indeed it is.  And the default is to generate an error.  That's
deliberate, I understand.  The help file does say

    file: a connection or the name of the file where the data will be
          saved.  Must be a file name for workspace format version 1.

Since "" is none of the above, it is clearly erroneous.

I am not sure what to do to improve this: do you have any suggestions?

[That dump() chooses a meaningless filename and people persist in using in
(e.g. in S library sections) seems counter-productive to me.]

> 2. In the file>Display file GUI menu, if you try to display a file that is
> in use by another application -- or at least one particular application I
> use -- R crashes.

That's hard to debug. Do you get any useful feedback from a Dr.Mingw
or other dump?  My guess is that is a problem in msvcrt.dll, but I will
see if I can trigger it.  What Windows version, BTW?

> 3. I also have noticed that for ** SOME ** data sets I have, the relation=
> argument of the scales= option for xyplot (in Lattice) only works for
> relation='same' -- both 'free' and 'sliced' give error messages.
> Unfortunately, it's not handy for me to go reproduce the error at the
> moment, so I can't give the specifics. I'll send more details in future
> unless told that this is already known about.

Lattice has been updated a couple of times recently.  If this persists
once R 1.6.2 is out (due in a week's time) we would want to see the

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