[Rd] save bug (PR#2418)

bert_gunter@merck.com bert_gunter@merck.com
Fri Jan 3 18:35:03 2003

My apologies if these are known -- I'm new to R (moved over from S-Plus).

All on Windows NT GUI, R1.6.1 and associated packages.

1. save(x) gives the following error message:
Error in save(x) : `file' must be non-empty string

According to the save() help file, the empty string is the default.

2. In the file>Display file GUI menu, if you try to display a file that is
in use by another application -- or at least one particular application I
use -- R crashes.

3. I also have noticed that for ** SOME ** data sets I have, the relation=
argument of the scales= option for xyplot (in Lattice) only works for
relation='same' -- both 'free' and 'sliced' give error messages.
Unfortunately, it's not handy for me to go reproduce the error at the
moment, so I can't give the specifics. I'll send more details in future
unless told that this is already known about.

NEVERTHELESS -- I am hooked on R. I moved over from S-Plus because I was
bothered by their failure to address known bugs and fix their documentation,
which is appalling for the new object oriented features. Why should I pay
for poor quality? As free and open source software, R has no obligation to
do these things (or anything else, for that matter) better than its
commercial cousin. But it does! This is just crazy!

Aside from the mostly improved qualityand stability, there are lots more
cool features,but that you know about.. Also, there aren't all the stupid
S-Plus GUI features that I have to remove or ignore (although I did like the
Object Explorer for keeping track of my objects and attached directories).

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