[R] R 3.3.3 is released

Peter Dalgaard pd.mes at cbs.dk
Mon Mar 6 11:11:38 CET 2017

The build system rolled up R-3.3.3.tar.gz (codename "Another Canoe") this morning.

The list below details the changes in this release.

You can get the source code from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you.

Binaries for various platforms will appear in due course.

For the R Core Team,

Peter Dalgaard

These are the checksums for the freshly created files, in case you wish
to check that they are uncorrupted. As a new feature, we also include SHA-256 checksums.

MD5 (AUTHORS) = eb97a5cd38acb1cfc6408988bffef765
MD5 (COPYING) = eb723b61539feef013de476e68b5c50a
MD5 (COPYING.LIB) = a6f89e2100d9b6cdffcea4f398e37343
MD5 (FAQ) = 342856fe28ac8af7c8d48db1f6dde8e2
MD5 (INSTALL) = 7893f754308ca31f1ccf62055090ad7b
MD5 (NEWS) = 3edf7e6a206a1303ed50979fb21d2ab7
MD5 (NEWS.0) = bfcd7c147251b5474d96848c6f57e5a8
MD5 (NEWS.1) = eb78c4d053ec9c32b815cf0c2ebea801
MD5 (NEWS.2) = 8e2f4d1d5228663ae598a09bf1e2bc6b
MD5 (R-latest.tar.gz) = 2437014ef40641cdc9673e89c040b7a8
MD5 (README) = f468f281c919665e276a1b691decbbe6
MD5 (RESOURCES) = 529223fd3ffef95731d0a87353108435
MD5 (THANKS) = f80d02e7ba9729a927e1c9cf7b435b32
MD5 (VERSION-INFO.dcf) = c643e0eb5a8e98b034f76287c574be32
MD5 (R-3/R-3.3.2.tar.gz) = 2437014ef40641cdc9673e89c040b7a8

MD5 (AUTHORS) = f12a9c3881197b20b08dd3d1f9d005e6
MD5 (COPYING) = eb723b61539feef013de476e68b5c50a
MD5 (COPYING.LIB) = a6f89e2100d9b6cdffcea4f398e37343
MD5 (FAQ) = 342856fe28ac8af7c8d48db1f6dde8e2
MD5 (INSTALL) = 7893f754308ca31f1ccf62055090ad7b
MD5 (NEWS) = 51ca42f97f9efecfc5c4e241cf607c35
MD5 (NEWS.0) = bfcd7c147251b5474d96848c6f57e5a8
MD5 (NEWS.1) = eb78c4d053ec9c32b815cf0c2ebea801
MD5 (NEWS.2) = 8e2f4d1d5228663ae598a09bf1e2bc6b
MD5 (R-latest.tar.gz) = 0ac211ec15e813a24f8f4a5a634029a4
MD5 (README) = f468f281c919665e276a1b691decbbe6
MD5 (RESOURCES) = 529223fd3ffef95731d0a87353108435
MD5 (THANKS) = f60d286bb7294cef00cb0eed4052a66f
MD5 (VERSION-INFO.dcf) = 048b912c6ada20a96fc7f5b513d7b4a3
MD5 (R-3/R-3.3.3.tar.gz) = 0ac211ec15e813a24f8f4a5a634029a4


6474d9791fff6a74936296bde3fcb569477f5958e4326189bd6e5ab878e0cd4f  AUTHORS
e6d6a009505e345fe949e1310334fcb0747f28dae2856759de102ab66b722cb4  COPYING
6095e9ffa777dd22839f7801aa845b31c9ed07f3d6bf8a26dc5d2dec8ccc0ef3  COPYING.LIB
d5f349070096413e0e18c4f5ad2d9c8b3e2df5ea7c06489a28288fc3606cf1ff  FAQ
f87461be6cbaecc4dce44ac58e5bd52364b0491ccdadaf846cb9b452e9550f31  INSTALL
ef585a2da9074252b83a1dc29bbc16de08ca007486f451bb0e2e1d45fea6ea4e  NEWS
4e21b62f515b749f80997063fceab626d7258c7d650e81a662ba8e0640f12f62  NEWS.0
12b30c724117b1b2b11484673906a6dcd48a361f69fc420b36194f9218692d01  NEWS.1
a9c4dec8a4a2660f99dbf13a10eda5b7ad72a970d4fbcc982dfaf870949d4c1d  NEWS.2
5ab768053a275084618fb669b4fbaadcc39158998a87e8465323829590bcfc6c  R-latest.tar.gz
2fdd3e90f23f32692d4b3a0c0452f2c219a10882033d1774f8cadf25886c3ddc  README
408737572ecc6e1135fdb2cf7a9dbb1a6cb27967c757f1771b8c39d1fd2f1ab9  RESOURCES
52f934a4e8581945cbc1ba234932749066b5744cbd3b1cb467ba6ef164975163  THANKS
d4d6573ba536a53ca649e83f47ba52e85cc3747e5cf6524e71ea145828a31e18  VERSION-INFO.dcf
5ab768053a275084618fb669b4fbaadcc39158998a87e8465323829590bcfc6c  R-3/R-3.3.3.tar.gz

This is the relevant part of the NEWS file



    * Changes when redirection of a http:// URL to a https:// URL is

        * The internal methods of download.file() and url() now report
          that they cannot follow this (rather than failing silently).

        * (Unix-alike) download.file(method = "auto") (the default)
          re-tries with method = "libcurl".

        * (Unix-alike) url(method = "default") with an explicit open
          argument re-tries with method = "libcurl".  This covers many
          of the usages, e.g. readLines() with a URL argument.


    * The configure check for the zlib version is now robust to
      versions longer than 5 characters, including 1.2.11.


    * Environmental variable _R_CHECK_TESTS_NLINES_ controls how R CMD
      check reports failing tests (see SS8 of the 'R Internals' manual).


    * (C-level Native routine registration.)  The undocumented styles
      field of the components of R_CMethodDef and R_FortranMethodDef is


    * vapply(x, *) now works with long vectors x.  (PR#17174)

    * isS3method("is.na.data.frame") and similar are correct now.

    * grepRaw(<long>, <short>, fixed = TRUE) now works, thanks to a
      patch by Mikko Korpela.  (PR#17132)

    * Package installation into a library where the package exists
      _via_ symbolic link now should work wherever Sys.readlink()
      works, resolving PR#16725.

    * "Cincinnati" was missing an "n" in the precip dataset.

    * Fix buffer overflow vulnerability in pdf() when loading an
      encoding file.  Reported by Talos (TALOS-2016-0227).

    * getDLLRegisteredRoutines() now produces its warning correctly
      when multiple DLLs match, thanks to Matt Dowle's PR#17184.

    * Sys.timezone() now returns non-NA also on platforms such as
      Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, thanks to Mikko Korpela's PR#17186.

    * format(x) for an illegal "POSIXlt" object x no longer segfaults.

    * methods(f) now also works for f "(" or "{".

    * (Windows only) dir.create() did not check the length of the path
      to create, and so could overflow a buffer and crash R.

    * On some systems, very small hexadecimal numbers in hex notation
      would underflow to zero.  (PR#17199)

    * pmin() and pmax() now work again for ordered factors and 0-length
      S3 classed objects, thanks to Suharto Anggono's PR#17195 and

    * bug.report() did not do any validity checking on a package's
      BugReports field.  It now ignores an empty field, removes leading
      whitespace and only attempts to open http:// and https:// URLs,
      falling back to emailing the maintainer.

    * Bandwidth selectors bw.ucv() and bw.SJ() gave incorrect answers
      or incorrectly reported an error (because of integer overflow)
      for inputs longer than 46341.  Similarly for bw.bcv() at length

      Another possible integer overflow is checked and may result in an
      error report (rather than an incorrect result) for much longer
      inputs (millions for a smooth distribution).

    * findMethod() failed if the active signature had expanded beyond
      what a particular package used. (Example with packages XR and
      XRJulia on CRAN.)

    * qbeta() underflowed too early in some very asymmetric cases.

    * R CMD Rd2pdf had problems with packages with non-ASCII titles in
      .Rd files (usually the titles were omitted).

Peter Dalgaard, Professor,
Center for Statistics, Copenhagen Business School
Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Phone: (+45)38153501
Office: A 4.23
Email: pd.mes at cbs.dk  Priv: PDalgd at gmail.com

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