R 3.2.4-revised is released

Peter Dalgaard pd.mes at cbs.dk
Wed Mar 16 21:39:53 CET 2016

The 3.2.4 release had two annoyances which we would rather not have in an "ultra-stable" release, designed to hang around for the duration of the 3.3 series. One was a relatively minor Makefile issue affecting system using R's bundled lzma library. The other, rather more serious, affected printing and formatting of POSIXlt objects, which would unpredictably get the Daylight Savings Time wrong.

Accordingly a revised version has been created.

You can get the source code from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you.

Maintainers of binary versions are requested to rebuild their binaries using the revised sources.

For the R Core Team,

Peter Dalgaard

New md5 sums are

MD5 (NEWS) = b0b43ac87a5b5858098da065966551af
MD5 (R-3/R-3.2.4-revised.tar.gz) = 552b0c8088bab08ca4188797b919a58f

The relevant NEWS file entry is


    • format.POSIXlt() behaved wrongly, e.g.,
      format(as.POSIXlt(paste0(1940:2000,"-01-01"), tz="CET"),
      usetz=TRUE) ended in two "CEST" time formats.

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