R-1.3.0 for Windows

Guido Masarotto guido at hal.stat.unipd.it
Wed Jun 27 15:56:43 CEST 2001

A binary distribution of R-1.3.0 to run on Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 and 2000 on 
Intel/clone chips is available at
It will be mirrored at a CRAN site near you in a couple of days.
See below for a list of Windows-specific changes.

guido masarotto
(for the R-core team)

                Windows-specific changes to R


SetupR.exe and miniR* now include the nine `recommended' packages,
so the miniR* distribution needs six floppies rather than four.

Rgui has a new menu `Packages' with items to load packages, to install
packages from CRAN or from local zip files, and to update packages.

The packages list shown by help.start() now includes all packages in
all libraries, but the search index is still confined to the system

The installers set up a file association for *.RData files, so
double-clicking on a *.RData file launches R in that directory and
loads the *.RData file.  Also, a *.RData file can be dropped onto a
shortcut to Rgui (or Rterm) on the desktop or in Windows Explorer.

Drag-and-drop of images (.RData and .rda) and source files (.R)
onto the Rgui.exe console window is now supported.

Profiling (as described in `Writing R Extensions') is now available.

There is a new `Save as PDF' option on the graphics device menu.

bringToTop() can specify the console window in Rgui (as -1).

The default graphics device is now windows() only in interactive use:
otherwise it is postscript().  (This affects the DCOM interface, which
is not interactive use.)

Support for earlier (pre-Feb 2000) mingw compilers has been dropped:
you must use a compiler system that supports --shared and has an
in-memory dlltool.

Rcmd check has been changed to be more robust to reported problems
with Perl's system() command under 16-bit versions of Windows.  It now
works for us under Windows 98.  (It has always worked under NT4 and

Rcmd SHLIB no longer adds a version tab to the DLL, as this seemed to
cause some people problems under Windows 95/98/ME.

The correct file version information should now appear on Windows 2000
Version tab under Properties (working around a Windows 2000 bug).

rwinst.exe is no longer part of the distribution: use the newer
installers to install R, and the Packages menu in Rgui.exe to install
pre-compiled packages, or use an external unzip program.

The old-style Windows help is no longer part of the standard distribution,
but can be made from the sources.  It is no longer tested.

Make targets such as test-Reg have been moved to directory rw1030\tests.

The default internet module modules\internet.dll is built using basic
WinSock calls.  There is an alternative modules\internet2.dll which uses
WinInet calls (and so needs Internet Explorer installed) which can be
used as a replacemnet.

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