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Wed Jun 29 14:30:42 CEST 2016

I don't understand what do you mean by "right" thing. Polymode has plenty of
weavers and exporters. You are asked only once per file for what you
want. That's a small price to pay for the flexibility and having one key for
everything. Sweave workflow that you are used to is only one use pattern of
many. There is a way to set the default weaver/exporter pragmatically but the
mechanism will change in the near future so I am not promoting it at the moment.

If you don't like woven/exported postfixes please customize
polymode-weave-output-file-format and polymode-exporter-output-file-format.

Also it looks like you are not using handy completion mechanisms. Consider using
ido-ubiquitous, helm or ivy to enhance minibuffer completion. You should not
need to type or guess "pdf" to select the option.


>> On Tue, Jun 28 2016 17:06, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:

> Still struggling.

> Do I have to alter my .emacs file, as described here:

> https://github.com/vspinu/polymode/blob/master/readme.md

> When I did that, I got some response from M-n w and from M-n e while working
> with an .Rnw file.  Namely, I was asked for name of weaver from the former, and
> name of exporter from the latter.  I had to guess. Then from the exporter, I was
> asked export to what?  Again I guessed, typing PDF.  End result was several new
> files, the usual .tex, .aux, and .log files, and a .pdf file but with [woven]
> and/or [woven][exported] in the file name.  All very cumbersome.

> How do I arrange things so that emacs/ess will automatically "do the right
> thing" with .Rnw files, as it did before?

> Barring that, is an older, pre-polymode version of Vince's emacs/ess still
> available for download?

> Thanks.

> --Chris Ryan

> Vitalie Spinu wrote:
>> There are 4 primary keys in polymode
>>    https://github.com/vspinu/polymode#basic-usage>
>> as it doesn't struggle to assign a key to every export/weave format.
>>   Vitalie
>>>> On Sun, Jun 26 2016 23:04, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
>>> Thanks.  I'll admit I'm having some trouble finding straightforward
>>> documentation on how to simply use polymode/ESS.  Best I've found so far
>>> is this:
>>> https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/ess-help/2014-May/009926.html>
>>> from which I infer that M-n e might take an .Rnw file all the way
>>> through to a .pdf file . . . does that sound right?  I won't be back at
>>> my new computer for a while to try it out.
>>> --Chris
>>> Vincent Goulet wrote:
>>>> Chris,
>>>> Polymode is active by default in my distribution and its key binding for sweaving are different. Look up its documentation.
>>>> Best,
>>>> v.
>>>>> Le 26 juin 2016 à 16:43, Christopher W. Ryan <cryan using binghamton.edu> a écrit :
>>>>> Hello. I just set up a new computer, running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I
>>>>> installed R 3.3.1, then MikTeX 2.9, then Vince Goulet's version of emacs
>>>>> 24.5.1 with ESS. Those are all on drive C:\, a 250 Gb solid state drive.  My
>>>>> data files and documents are on drive E:\, a terabyte hard drive.
>>>>> In emacs, when I have an .Rnw buffer open, M-n s  is met with the error message in the subject line.
>>>>> Sweave.sty is in C:\LOCALTEXMF\Tex\latex\Sweave
>>>>> which I listed as a root in MikTeX Admin.  And I refreshed the FNDB, both as a user and as Admin.
>>>>> How can I get M-n s  (and I assume I'll have a problem with M-P as well) recognized as command to sweave my file?
>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>> --Chris
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