[ESS] Polymode is on MELPA

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Tue May 13 04:00:37 CEST 2014

Hi Everyone,

Polymomde [1] is finally on MELPA. The initialization slightly
changed. If you have used polymode before, please check out the

Most important recent user visible change is the addition of integrated
weavers and exporters. There are 4 keys to remember M-n w and M-n e for
weaving and exporting, and M-n W and M-n E to set the current weaver and
exporter for the current buffer. Exporters will also weave the file when

Each polymode can be associated with multiple weavers and exporters but
only one at them is active at a time. I hope this user pattern will work
well. Currently, there are 4 R-related weavers (knitR, knitR-ESS,
Sweave, Sweave-ESS) and 2 exporters (latexmk and pandoc).

There is not yet much documentation on how to build your own polymodes,
weavers and exporters, but it's on the way.

There are plenty of things still to be done. Mostly, tweaks of all sorts
related to buffer management, indentation and font-lock. But, I don't
envisage new major features in the foreseeable future.



 [1] https://github.com/vitoshka/polymode

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