[ESS] /bin/bash markdown : command not found

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 01:09:10 CET 2015

Briefly, what are the pieces of the toolchain going from Rmd -> html output?

I'm interested to see what Emacs 24.4 does with markdown. So far as I can
find, there's no pre-packaged Emacs 24.4 for Ubuntu 14.10, so I've compiled
packages. I have ess working.  The emacs-goodies-el package includes a copy
of markdown mode, version 2.0 (2013-03-24).

Now I want to know what is needed to make markdown mode work properly.Is
polymode, which I don't yet have installed, going to replace markdown mode?

Right now, I can open an Rmd file in Emacs, M-x markdown-mode, the correct
menus appear. However when I try to compile something, I get the minibuffer
/bin/bash: markdown: command not found.

I created a markdown script that expects a command line argument.


R -e "library(markdown); render(\"$1\")"

But Emacs-> markdown-mode does not supply the file name argument, so I fail.


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