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Mon Feb 16 02:36:28 CET 2015

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 7:09 PM, Paul Johnson <pauljohn32 using gmail.com> wrote:
> Briefly, what are the pieces of the toolchain going from Rmd -> html output?

AFAIK you need .Rmd --> .md --> .html. You can do both conversions
using either the R package knitr (see ?knit and ?pandoc) or the R
package rmarkdown (see ?render), but I assume you want to call these
conveniently from emacs (see below)

> I'm interested to see what Emacs 24.4 does with markdown. So far as I can
> find, there's no pre-packaged Emacs 24.4 for Ubuntu 14.10, so I've compiled
> packages. I have ess working.  The emacs-goodies-el package includes a copy
> of markdown mode, version 2.0 (2013-03-24).
> Now I want to know what is needed to make markdown mode work properly.Is
> polymode, which I don't yet have installed, going to replace markdown mode?

No, polymode (as it's name suggests) is for using multiple modes in a
single buffer (or something like that; my description might not be
technically accurate, but the idea is that some portions of a buffer
might be markdown-mode, others might be ESS-mode). You will still need
markdown-mode, but polymode will make it easier to work with markdown
documents with embedded (R) code.

> Right now, I can open an Rmd file in Emacs, M-x markdown-mode, the correct
> menus appear. However when I try to compile something, I get the minibuffer
> error
> /bin/bash: markdown: command not found.

That sounds like a pretty clear hint that you should install markdown.
But that will only give you .md --> .html, you will still need a way
to convert .Rmd --> .md. One way or another most people are using
pandoc for this, so you should probably install that too (if you don't
have it installed already).

Polymode can help you do both conversions conveniently from emacs
(requires pandoc AFAIK); polymode-export does .Rmd --> .md --> .html,
while polymode-weave does only .Rmd --> .md (see
https://github.com/vspinu/polymode#basic-usage for details).


> I created a markdown script that expects a command line argument.
> #!/bin/bash
> R -e "library(markdown); render(\"$1\")"
> But Emacs-> markdown-mode does not supply the file name argument, so I fail.
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