[ESS] ESS[SAS]: Submit region starting new SAS session?

Sparapani, Rodney r@p@r@p@ @end|ng |rom mcw@edu
Fri Feb 13 17:02:03 CET 2015

> Hey, this worked! What a Friday morning treat!
> (Well -- the paragraph one worked, at least. The other is telling me "Symbol's function definition is
> void." Was eval-region-or-line-and-step not defined in 2010 or prior?)
Friday the 13th even!  I don't remember, but it is certainly possible
that it is a "new" feature.  There have been 16 releases since v.5.11!

> Playing around with this it seems like a "paragraph," in this context, is a set of text not containing an
> empty line. Is that right? That's been my impression when editing LaTeX docs in emacs, but I wasn't sure
> whether that was a property of the editor or the language.

That's right.  I think it will send a highlighted region if one exists,
but that might be a "new" feature also. 

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