[ESS] Little troubles with Emacs for Windows and ESS

Vincent Goulet Vincent.Goulet at act.ulaval.ca
Wed Jan 27 04:00:58 CET 2010

Le ven. 22 janv. à 19:11, Paul Johnson a écrit :

> I'm running Vincent Goulet's Emacs enhances, which now has Emacs 23.1
> and ESS 5.7.1.  Today I've installed that with R on several windows
> systems, some XP, some Vista, some Win7.
> On all of these systems, I have had the problem that, if you change
> the default install path for R from C:\Program Files to some place
> else (I prefer C:\ProgramFiles), then Emacs-ESS can't find Rterm.exe

ESS tries to find all versions of R on your system (in "usual" places) at Emacs startup; see the *Messages* buffer. Your location is probably not "standard" enough (or too sub-standard).

> and you have to edit the ess-site.el file (and delete ess-site.elc).

Please don't fiddle with ESS files! This is provided for in my distribution. In the message box after installation, you get the following:

* If R is not installed in the usual (default) location, it may be
  necessary to edit the paths in the site configuration file for ESS to
  find the R executable. This should also be true for any S-Plus
  installation. The site configuration file is accessed easily using the
  shortcut in the GNU Emacs program group of the Start menu.


The information above is available in file Updates-en.txt in the Emacs
installation folder.

In site-start.el (the "site configuration file"), you'll find this block of text:

;; Path to R executable. Uncomment and edit as needed if R is
;; installed in such an unusual place that ESS can't find it. (And
;; then keep updating with each R update!)
;(setq-default inferior-R-program-name
;              "c:/program files/r/r-2.7.1/bin/rterm.exe")

(Hum, I should update the release number!) Edit at will.

HTH   Vincent

> That happens even after we run the registry updater for Emacs.  That's
> just a little inconvenience we can work around. After a few
> go-arounds, I decided to stop telling people they can customize the
> path. I removed R and Emacs, installed both without changing any
> paths, and voila, and Emacs found Rterm every time.
> But there are some functionality problems that seem severe.  First,
> Emacs cannot create a new file if you choose File->visit new file.  It
> is maddening. It will allow File -> save as, but no visit new file.
> The other problems  are 'window manager' related problems.  For
> example, start Emacs with an R file, start the R session, and go into
> the R session and type "install.packages("gdata")"  R responds "select
> repository" but the repository selector does not pop up.  It doesn't
> give the tcl/tk chooser thing, and it doesn't give the old fashioned
> text list of repos.  On the other hand, if you run R interactively
> through Rgui, then install.packages does work.
> Finally, while in Emacs, if you send a plot command to R, on SOME
> systems, the new Graph window opens BELOW the other windows.
> I'm going to have to back away from Emacs for these Windows users.  I
> don't know what else to tell them they ought to use... :(
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