[ESS] [Roxygen-devel] Roxygen and Emacs (ESS)

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jan 22 10:22:55 CET 2010

> Have you (Henning) looked at ess-roxygen and the
> (ess-roxygen-fn) that we've provided for a while a bit more than
> a year and bound to C-c C-o ?
> Of course, you do much more than that in ess-roxy.el
> it seems to me that your (ess-roxy-update-entry)
> is similar [but more general!] to the current ESS function
> ess-roxygen-fn.
> In order to keep back compatibility, it may be that dropping
> ess-roxygen.el in favor of ess-roxy.el, additionally binding
> ess-roxy-update-entry to C-c C-o,
> and maybe allowing a flag {optional argument} for ess-roxy-update-entry
> to do more closely what C-c C-o does now.

hi Martin, I wrote ess-roxygen more as proof-of-concept in response to
requests a year or so ago; as I don't use it myself, I'm happy for it to
be dropped in favour of Henning's nice work.


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