[ESS] [Roxygen-devel] Roxygen and Emacs (ESS)

Henning Redestig henning.red at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 22 10:52:15 CET 2010

2010/1/22 Martin Maechler
> Have you (Henning) looked at ess-roxygen and the (ess-roxygen-fn) that
> we've provided for a while a bit more than a year and bound to C-c
> C-o ?

Yes I have, I was inspired by that work, but didn't want to steal the
same keybinding and therefore took C-c C-e C-o instead. If it replaced
ess-roxygen.el I guess C-C C-o would be a better option.

2010/1/22 Martin Maechler
> Note that there are problem with ess-roxy.el (I've found typo, one
> function use of a function not loaded standard emacs 23), so we'd
> potentially be glad if someone [ Henning? ] who uses ess-roxy
> regularly [not ESS-core at the moment] would "sign" responsible for
> its maintenance for a while.

Sure, ess-roxy.el is still quite unpolished (I am not a very
experienced elisper), and I feel that a couple of features are missing
(like auto-completion of field names and better customization of the
template). I am still tinkering with it and would happily sign
responsibility for it.

If it was added to ESS's svn I could start to commit it there instead?


/Henning Redestig

Metabolome Informatics Unit | RIKEN Plant Science Center

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