[ESS] Color in terminal?

Manas Kaushik, M.D, M.Sc mkaushik at hsph.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 19 19:17:17 CEST 2006

Hi again,

I was able some random colors with some tweaking but it would be a great 
help if you could tell me in which file are ess colors coded.

I think the issues is that the colors coded in ess are not recognized 
since my terminal only recognizes 4 or 5 colors. Please let me know if its 
ok I sent you mail while I try to work this.

thanks again,

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Stephen Eglen wrote:

> > I guess this is more eclectic question and I might be asking too much but
> > might be relevant for those who use Terminals e.g. Secure CRT to connect
> > to UNIX servers (Solaris) to run Statistics programs.
> >
> > While I see quite nice colors using ESS on Gnome terminal (X11 on Linux)
> > but I dont see any colors at all in the terminal (say if I am using 'emacs
> > -nw' in Linux terminal) or using secure CRT. Indeed the default pattern in
> > which the comments are highlighted seems much better in this case because
> > everything becomes quite similar to everything else in ESS mode .
> >
> > I think the whole range of palette of colors is probably not supported but
> > atleast 4 colors (RGBY) are in my terminal. I checked using M-x
> > edit-faces. I am wondering if there is some setting (faces) that might be
> > useful for such terminals.
> >
> > I am attaching my custom.el (which is my initialization file) inline for
> > your perusal.
> When you run Emacs in a terminal, do you get any sensible font locking
> e.g. of C files?  If not, it may be an issue more general than ESS.
> if you do, what do you see?
> e.g. try the following snippet of C code.
>  mm = 4 * n;			/* Number of repeats */
>  mm *= 10;			/* if starting from Poisson distribution. */
>  for (i=0; i<= mm; i++) {
>    id = (int)(n*UNIF);	/* pick one point at random. */
>    /*Rprintf("select new point for unit %d\n", id);*/
>    xpts[id] = xpts[0]; ypts[id] = ypts[0];
> For what its worth, I see different font locking in an X11 Emacs
> window compared to when I view the same code within a Gnome Terminal.
> (e.g. on the above code, although "/*" and "*/" are highlighted in
> red, the text "Number of repeats" is not highlighted in red.
> I'm not sure if this is a bug, or intentional...
> Stephen

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