[ESS] Color in terminal?

Manas Kaushik, M.D, M.Sc mkaushik at hsph.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 19 17:01:41 CEST 2006

Dear Stephen,

Thanks again.

Thanks for passing me some C code, I was just looking for it online. 
Unfortunately, no color in C mode also.

I think there might be some issue in my settings (or maybe server). I do 
have font lock enabled and the appearance in shades of grey and white is 
pretty much the same with ESS and SAS font.

The results the same in Gnome and Secure CRT.

Manas Kaushik, M.D, M.Sc
Department of Epidemiology & Department of Nutrition
Harvard School of Public Health

Bart, dont make fun of graduate students. They are nice people who just
made a terrible career choice.- Marge Simpson.

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Stephen Eglen wrote:

> > I guess this is more eclectic question and I might be asking too much but
> > might be relevant for those who use Terminals e.g. Secure CRT to connect
> > to UNIX servers (Solaris) to run Statistics programs.
> >
> > While I see quite nice colors using ESS on Gnome terminal (X11 on Linux)
> > but I dont see any colors at all in the terminal (say if I am using 'emacs
> > -nw' in Linux terminal) or using secure CRT. Indeed the default pattern in
> > which the comments are highlighted seems much better in this case because
> > everything becomes quite similar to everything else in ESS mode .
> >
> > I think the whole range of palette of colors is probably not supported but
> > atleast 4 colors (RGBY) are in my terminal. I checked using M-x
> > edit-faces. I am wondering if there is some setting (faces) that might be
> > useful for such terminals.
> >
> > I am attaching my custom.el (which is my initialization file) inline for
> > your perusal.
> When you run Emacs in a terminal, do you get any sensible font locking
> e.g. of C files?  If not, it may be an issue more general than ESS.
> if you do, what do you see?
> e.g. try the following snippet of C code.
>  mm = 4 * n;			/* Number of repeats */
>  mm *= 10;			/* if starting from Poisson distribution. */
>  for (i=0; i<= mm; i++) {
>    id = (int)(n*UNIF);	/* pick one point at random. */
>    /*Rprintf("select new point for unit %d\n", id);*/
>    xpts[id] = xpts[0]; ypts[id] = ypts[0];
> For what its worth, I see different font locking in an X11 Emacs
> window compared to when I view the same code within a Gnome Terminal.
> (e.g. on the above code, although "/*" and "*/" are highlighted in
> red, the text "Number of repeats" is not highlighted in red.
> I'm not sure if this is a bug, or intentional...
> Stephen

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