[ESS] Stata 9 and ESS

Brendan Halpin brendan.halpin at ul.ie
Wed Apr 12 18:29:45 CEST 2006

renato corbetta <corbetta at uab.edu> writes:

> I use Stata 8 and 9 on a regular basis.  I have not been able to use it
> within ESS/Emacs either on a Windows machine or a Linux box.
> I posted to the list a few months ago about getting a "Symbol's value
> as variable is void: inferior-ess-font-lock-keywords" error when I
> invoke Stata with M-X stata, but we went nowhere with it.   Someone
> else posted about  having similar issues about a month ago, I believe.

That was probably me, and my (linux) solution is to use the
bleeding-edge version of Emacs, i.e. "apt-get install
emacs-snapshot" in a Debian context. M-x stata complains once but
runs, unlike under Emacs 21.


PS: I use ESS for Stata but I think I actually use relatively
little of its power, using it more-or-less as a glorified
comint-mode (with font-locking) along with a few of my own defuns
and keybindings. What I want most is a way to interact with the
GUI, from Emacs.
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