[ESS] Stata 9 and ESS

renato corbetta corbetta at uab.edu
Wed Apr 12 18:22:19 CEST 2006

I use Stata 8 and 9 on a regular basis.  I have not been able to use it
within ESS/Emacs either on a Windows machine or a Linux box.
I posted to the list a few months ago about getting a "Symbol's value
as variable is void: inferior-ess-font-lock-keywords" error when I
invoke Stata with M-X stata, but we went nowhere with it.   Someone
else posted about  having similar issues about a month ago, I believe.
If I can be of any help, please let me know.


A.J. Rossini wrote:

>It would be nice to have a sense how many people are using the Stata
>functionality.  I don't believe that any of the developers use Stata
>regularly any more (or have access to such a machine?  I might in 4 months,
>depending on corporate "speed of implementation").
>On 4/12/06, Jean-Marie Jungblut <jean-marie.jungblut at mzes.uni-mannheim.de>
>>Dear all,
>>I am currently working on my labtop with Linux SUSE 10 and doing my
>>statistical analysis with R 2.2 using the editing facility in XEmacs with
>>the ESS package. I have an former SUSE 9.2 running on another machine
>>I have a Stata 7 version also running under XEmacs with CLI (running State
>>directly from inside Emacs) as well as R. On the former machine I have
>>installed the new Stata 9 software, but I didn't manage to use Sata from
>>within ESS/Emacs. My version of Stata is installed under the directory
>>/usr/local/stata9 and does work with GUI as well as in a shell. So what
>>shall I do to get Stata 9 running inside ESS/Emacs? I would very much
>>appreciate any comments!
>>Jean-Marie Jungblut
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