ESS commands

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at
Mon Mar 22 13:35:33 CET 2004

Please read the rest of the documentation that Fox's website points to.

The last set of links on

> The ESS web site. 
> The ESS manual in HTML and PDF form (the latter slightly out-of-date). 
> A PDF file containing a paper by Rossini, Heiberger, Sparapani, Maechler, and Hornik describing
> the rationale for and general design of ESS. 

The html file is distributed as part of the current release of ESS and was also in 5.1.24.
It is under the ESS directory tree; it is not under the R directory tree.
The paper by Rossini, etal, was published this week in the March 2004 issue of
Journal of Computational and Graphic Statistics.

On the Fox PDF file that you referenced, please look at his Figure 2 where he shows the
more typical usage of a .r buffer in the top window.  I have never before seen the use of the
*scratch* buffer as an input location for R.  I personally don't use that working style.
I always create an empty myfile.r file and fill it up with my code.  Then I send over
one line at a time from myfile.r to the *R* buffer using the C-c C-n keys.
(I suppose the *scratch* style is similar with at least one difference:  if the computer crashes,
then material in an unsaved myfile.r buffer is automatically saved and material in the
*sratch* buffer is lost.)

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