ESS commands

Fred J. phddas at
Mon Mar 22 08:46:20 CET 2004

I just noticed at that the
ESS and XEmacs for Windows Users of R (by John Fox)
which has a pdf file under the paragraph
in that pdf file shows a screen shot confirming that
the set up I have has been following correctly and in
addition it explains in P.4 by saying 

Below each window is a mode line, which shows status
information for the buffer displayed in
the corresponding window, including the name of the
buffer; the major mode (and, if applicable,
minor modes – see below) of the buffer; and the
position of the window in the buffer. The
upper window, therefore, contains the *scratch*
buffer, which is in ESS[S] major mode, and
the window shows All of the current content of the
buffer (which is empty). Similarly, the
lower window contains the *R* buffer, which is
in iESS (inferior ESS) major mode, and is
currently positioned at the bottom (Bot) of the
hummmm, what should I make off all of this. my setup
is not a standard way but a customized way of running
"R under ess"?


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