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			(why all capitals in "Subject"?)
>>>>> "SpRo" == Sparapani, Rodney <spara002 at> writes:

    SpRo> ESS-help:

    SpRo> I've just about perfected syntax highlighting of SAS keywords,
    SpRo> functions, etc.  But, a few problems remain.  I can't seem to get
    SpRo> C-style comments to work right across multiple lines, i.e. /*\n
    SpRo> proc freq;\n tables;\n run;\n */.  And I'm not having much luck
    SpRo> with functions and when they do "work", often it is a dataset
    SpRo> with a dataset option and not a function.  Let me know if you
    SpRo> have any ideas.  Cut and paste the attachment into your ~/.emacs
    SpRo> to test it out.

    SpRo> <<ess-sas-font-lock.el>> 

Has anybody tried these?  
Are they uniformly better than those currently in essl-sas.el ? 

I can't test them, since I don't have nor know SAS..

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