[BioC] Rgraphviz and graphviz on windows pc's

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Sat Oct 25 18:37:30 CEST 2008

ravi <rv15cap at gmail.com> writes:

> Martin,
> Thanks for your prompt reply. On the graphviz link that you have
> provided, I am only able to find graphviz version 2.20.3. I find no
> archives there to locate v2.16. Will the rest of the procedure work
> with v2.20.3. Otherwise, how do I find v2.16?



and specifically


> Next, I would like to confirm that I have to create the following user
> variables.
> value : C:\/graphviz-2.16    ##### I don't have R-tools installed (do
> I still have to include the V in front?)

The '\/' is not a V. It must be there.

> value : 2
> value : 16
> For example, I have the following user variable right now :
> Variable  : INCLUDE
> Will the above procedure work if I enter 2 and 20 for version 2.20.3
> of graphviz (instead of 2 and 16 respectively)?

If you are using the Rgraphviz build by Bioconductor you MUST use
graphviz 2.16. So these numbers must be 2 and 16.

> Next, for the PATH (a system variable),
> I will add :
> C:\graphviz2.20\bin
> I am sorry to bore you with these details, but it seems to be
> necessary to follow the exact procedure.
> This is the reason for my spelling out all the details, and wanting
> confirmation.
> I will also try to dig into the the use of Rtools and see if I can
> install from the source. That can be useful for other cases as well.
> Thanking you,
> Ravi

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