[BioC] Rat Nimblegen promoter dataset HOWTO

Dario Greco dario.greco at helsinki.fi
Thu Jan 17 16:59:07 CET 2008

Dear List,

I am going to analyze a set of Rattus Norvegicus Nimblegen promoter arrays.
briefly, i have 6 slides. in each slide, the ChIP (of a Histon) and the 
input chromatin have been hybridized.
of these 6 slides, 3 are from control animals, and 3 from animals 
treated with a specific drug.

i am interested in finding promoters differently enriched in treated vs 
control animals.

i have not very clear ideas about the steps/BioC-tools of this kind of 
analysis, so any help is very welcome.

thank you very much,

Dario Greco
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