[BioC] Getting all the gene names and the locus link ID from different platforms

John Zhang jzhang at jimmy.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 31 20:42:59 CEST 2007

>I am trying to get ALL the gene names (symbol) and their corresponding locus
>link ID from around 10 different Affymetrix platforms, but I am not quite
>sure how to do that.....effeciently.
>I know I could use the aafSymbol from the annaffy package or the getLL /
>getSYMBOL from the annotate package to do that, but all of these functions
>require to input a set of identifiers (the probesets), and in my case, I
>will have to get ALL the probesets from my experiment first, and then call
>the function to get all the Locus Link id / symbol corresponding to that
>Do you guys have some more effecient ways to retrieve all the locus link id
>or the symbol from different affymetrix platforms ? I greatly appreciate for
>the help.

Is this what you want?

>geneNames <- mget(ls(hgu95av2SYMBOL), hgu95av2SYMBOL)

>Thanks a lot,
>Lam C. Tsoi (Alex)
>Medical University of South Carolina
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