[BioC] xval in MLInterfaces package

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Wed Jun 28 01:38:35 CEST 2006

Yes, knnB is invoked with default parameters, and does leave-one-out
cross-validation. Adding k and l as named arguments (e.g, k=2) to xval
should change the values of these parameters in knnB.

lk1 <- xval(smallG, "ALL.AML", knnB, xvalMethod = "LOO",
	group = as.integer(0), k=2)

Does this work for you?


"Wu, Xiwei" <XWu at coh.org> writes:

> Hi, all, 
> I am testing the xval() function under MLInterfaces package following
> the documentation.  
>> lk1 <- xval(smallG, "ALL.AML", knnB, xvalMethod="LOO",
> group=as.integer(0))
> I am wondering when I invoke above, is knnB being invoked with the
> default set of parameters to do Leave-One-Out cross validation? If so,
> is it possible to specify my own parameters, such as k and l?
> Thanks in advance.
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