[BioC] vector allocation error

Ulrich Pfeffer ulrich.pfeffer at istge.it
Fri Jun 23 14:53:06 CEST 2006


when analyzing more than 25 Affymetrix HGU133plus2 arrays the analysis 
fails during background correction with GCRMA and the error message says 
"cannot allocate vector of 301.000kB ...."

I got the message ot only from my PC but also form a more potent computer 
(Ml570 G2,  4 CPU XEON MP 2.5/1Mb,
16 Gb RAM, s.o.  RH AS 4.0). It does not appear that the computer is using 
all the memory available.

After my actual 30 arrays I must analyze 380, which problems will I face?

Any help?



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