[BioC] Error loading, on Bioconductor 1.8, exprSet generated with bioconductor 1.7

rcaloger raffaele.calogero at unito.it
Wed Jun 7 10:02:47 CEST 2006

today I was working on an Affy exprSet I saved before the new release of 
Bioconductor (1.8).
I loaded it but I got the following error when I tried to show it:
Error in slot(object, what) : no slot of name "pubMedIds" for this 
object of class "MIAME"

Furthermore, if I issue the command:
I got this error:
Error in FUN(X[[6]], ...) : no slot of name "reporterInfo" for this 
object of class "exprSet"

I was expecting that there should be some sort of back compatibility 
with  at least the previous release of the exprSet.
The error comes using the  Biobase Version: 1.10.0.
There is any way to fix the problem or Do I have to install again the 
old release of  Bioconductor?


Prof. Raffaele A. Calogero
Bioinformatics and Genomics Unit
Dipartimento di Scienze Cliniche e Biologiche
c/o Az. Ospedaliera S. Luigi
Regione Gonzole 10, Orbassano
10043 Torino
tel.   ++39 0116705420
Lab.   ++39 0116705408
Fax    ++39 0119038639
Mobile ++39 3333827080
email: raffaele.calogero at unito.it
www:   www.bioinformatica.unito.it

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