[BioC] Affymetrix exon arrays?

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Thu Jul 27 22:37:54 CEST 2006

Hi Jesse,

Jesse Salisbury <ltboots at geneserver.mine.nu> writes:
> Hi All;      
> I have been working on the same problem, and have finally found a computer    
> large enough to run it. Its a beowulf node at Jackson Labs with 16GB of  
> memory. As it turns out, you need somwhere betwen 12.5 and 14GB for the R 
> makecdfenv() package to process the MoEx-1_0-st-v1.cdf into a useable R 
> environment. The process takes about 5hrs to complete on an  
> Opteron processor.      
> I would like to make the files available, but I'm not sure how to post 
> environments on bioconductor yet.      

We (Bioconductor) would be interested in hosting contributed
annotation data packages.  Right now the group here in Seattle is
fairly busy preparing for the BioC2006 conference (next week!).  If
you'd like to contribute the data package let us know (use the email
listed in the instructions for contributing a BioC package).

It sounds like you might just have an environment object and not a
package.  Creating a data package from that isn't too hard, but it
will require looking over the Writing R Extensions Manual...

+ seth

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