[BioC] Repository for Bioconductor annotation packages

Daniel Gatti dmgatti at email.unc.edu
Fri Jul 14 22:22:39 CEST 2006

O/S: Linux
arch : i686
R version : 2.2.1

I'm using the install.packages() command to install Bioconductor 
libraries to my home directory.  I can install functional packages like 
"safe" and "GOstats". But when I try to install annotation packages, it 
tells me that it can't find them in given repository.  I'm using 
repos="http://www.bioconductor.org".  What repository should I use for 
the annotation packages?

install.packages("hgu133a", lib = "~/Rlib", 

Warning in download.packages(pkgs, destdir = tmpd, available = 
available,  :
          no package 'hgu133a' at the repositories

Dan Gatti

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