[BioC] RNA degradation assay

Naomi Altman naomi at stat.psu.edu
Wed Feb 16 17:04:23 CET 2005

Dear Claudio,

I think this was the original idea.  However, it turns out that even good 
samples show a slope on this plot - possibly due to labeling efficiency? A 
number of us have independently concluded that slopes within a study should 
all be the same.  e.g. on mouse and arabidopsis arrays I have, so far, 
always seen a slope.


At 09:29 AM 2/16/2005, you wrote:
>again about RNA digestion plot:
>I didn't understand the answer about it, maybe because i didn't understand 
>the meaning of this plot.
>Can someone explain it to me?
>I thought that, as each line rappresents an experiment, and each "point" 
>of the line rappresents the average of the corresponding
>probecell in each probeset of the array, I am expected to see horizotal 
>line for good, non degradated, sample.
>thanks in advance
>Isella Claudio
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