[BioC] library versions problem

Rob Dunne Rob.Dunne at csiro.au
Wed May 26 04:20:02 CEST 2004

Hi list,
          I cant reproduce results that I got
before. I am fairly sure that it is to do with
incompatible versions 

I am using 

R 1.8.1 
affy  1.3.26
affyPLM  1.0.0
AffyExtensions 0.6-2

which from the history line on Ben Bolstad's page should be OK.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Also -- This is not the first time I have had a problem in
producing a paper trail for an analysis and then reproducing it.
How do other people handle this problem?

rlm.output <- threestep(Dilution,background.method="RMA.2",
+                    normalize="quantile",summary.method="rlm")
Background correcting
Calculating Expression
Error in hasTsp(x) : cannot assign `tsp' to zero-length vector

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