[BioC] affylmGUI

James Wettenhall wettenhall at wehi.edu.au
Tue May 11 19:49:23 CEST 2004


As we are leading up to a Release version of 1.4, I'll just 
explain what needs to be fixed in affylmGUI and check with Jeff 
that's it OK to fix these things, rather than rushing in and 
changing things...

> We have affylmGUI running on Mac OSX and R2 dev. A couple of things 


> seem not to work. We can save all the plots except for venn diagrams 
> Object "limmaDataSetNameText" not found

This bug is easy to fix.  Should be able to insert this patch 
for the 1.4 release.  The following line needs to be inserted at 
the beginning of the VennDiagramPlot function in affylmGUI's 
plot.R :

Try(limmaDataSetNameText <- 

[Don't get too confused by the Try(...). That's just 
affylmGUI's way of diverting error messages to messageBoxes]

> Error in try(expr, TRUE): No loop to break from, jumping to top level

This appears to be an incorrect use of break() in the 
HeatDiagramPlot function in affylmGUI's plot.R.  The incorrect 
code is :
Try(if (is.na(matchIndex)) break())
[ More code within large if-block ]

It should be:
Try(if (!is.na(matchIndex))
  [ More code within large if-block ]

> Cannot find package drosgenome1

At the moment, some affylmGUI functions will complain 
if there is no annotation package available for your chip.  
Usually this is just a harmless but annoying message box, on 
which you can click "OK".  You may have to put up with this 
annoying behaviour for the 1.4 Release, but there are some 
related bugs which you encountered around the same time as this
annoying "warning".

The following lines of code in the HeatDiagramPlot 
function in affylmGUI's plot.R will fail if there is
no annotation package, i.e. they are incorrect:
  Try(genelist <- 

The first line of code above can be deleted ("genelist" is not 
used in PlotHeatDiagram) and replaced with:
Try(if (length(geneSymbols)>0)
  geneLabels <- geneSymbols
  geneLabels <- ls(cdfenv))

and the second can be modified by replacing "geneSymbols" by 
"geneLabels" :

> What P value is used to define significant in the venn diagram?

OK, this probably should become part of a dialog box, but I 
don't think it will happen before the 1.4 Release.  The venn 
diagram plotting function calls limma's classifyTestsF which
seems to have a default p-value of 0.01 :

You might get more discussion about that by posting with a 
different subject-line like "limma classifyTestsF p-value"


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