[BioC] problem loading simpleaffy library package

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Tue Jan 13 00:07:43 MET 2004

> "The procedure entry point pow could not be located in the dynamic link
> library R.dll."

Hi Scott ...

This seems to be a problem that has erupted in the affy-related packages
(so far 'affy', 'affyPLM' and 'simpleaffy' - I need to go and see if any
of the others are affected).  Jim Macdonald & I spent some time today
trying to track down the how & why this is occuring, but are trying to
resolve this as soon as possible.  

As a side note: If you're using the BioC-devel packages, you will want to
start using R-devel (on track to be R-1.9) as some of the BioC-devel
packages are now utilizing functionality only found in R-devel.


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