[BioC] Occasional seg faults in RMA

Crispin Miller CMiller at PICR.man.ac.uk
Fri Oct 31 13:46:54 MET 2003

Has anyone else experienced segmentation faults in rma()? We're still
using R-1.7.1 and haven't upgraded bioconductor to 1.3 yet. 
It appears to be happening during the 'Calculating Expression'  phase,
and seems to be intermittent (I haven't been able to identify a

We have written our own package with some C routines in, and I'm calling
rma() after loading that package, but before calling any of these C
functions (which seem to work fine anyway). 
Am I right to assume that this is not likely to be the source of the

Any adivce would be most welcome!


Crispin Miller
Bioinformatics Group Leader,
The Paterson Institute For Cancer Research
+44 161 446 3176

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