[BioC] Type III Sum of Squares Calculation

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Thanks Mike,

Is there a way of automating the task (e.g. using Perl  or within R itself,
maybe using a loop or something like that, so that I can I do a
high-throughput analysis of several datasets, and then output/export the
result tables in an excel spreadsheet?

Any hint would be useful.

Thanks again,

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Hope this helps.  -michael

calculating type III SS
 Use Anova(lm, type = "III") in the "car" package
          C:\Program Files\R\rw1031\library\car\html\Anova.html

 (below is from Brian D. Ripley)
 Yes, but we don't tell you how to avoid leading you into a mire. See

 Most of the time drop1() does what people are using `Type III' for.
          (C:\Program Files\R\rw1031\library\base\html\add1.html)

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HI All:

Can anyone give me the formulae/steps for calculating the type III sum of
squares for an unbalanced 2-way ANOVA design?  Eg. we are looking at 8
treatments x 4 doses, with unequal numbers of replications within the
groups.  I really need the stepwise calculation, as I would try to put it
in my own code (possibly in Visual Basic) to automate the task.

Thanks very much.


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