[BioC] Help: redLines error when using widget.marrayRaw()

ying chen yingchen at princeton.edu
Thu Oct 16 22:41:59 MEST 2003

Hi guys,


I just tried to do some analysis with my new array data.  I followed the A
biologists guide to using Bioconductor by Chris Bye.  But I got the error
message when I used widget.marrayRaw().  The following is the screen shot:


> widget.marrayRaw()

Loading required package: tcltk 

Loading required package: tkWidgets 

> getwd()

[1] "E:/EcoliArray/Test_Oct2003"

> widget.marrayRaw()


 Finish creating a new marrayLayout: mytest.layout


 Finish creating a new marrayInfo: mytest.target


 Finish creating a new marrayInfo: mytest.genes

Error in readLines(con, n, ok) : `con' is not a connection



This worked for me before.  I just don't know what's going on this time?


Any suggestion?


Thanks a lot for your help,


Ying Chen




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