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This is an off-topic posting, but I thought it might be of interest to
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The Collaborative Network for Clinical Research on Immune Tolerance
(Immune Tolerance Network - ITN) is an NIH funded initiative to
facilitate the advancement of immune tolerance inducing procedures in
human clinical practice, towards the development of new and improved
treatment, and monitoring protocols in kidney and islet transplantation,
autoimmune disease, and asthma and allergic diseases. The ITN, which
combines the expertise of over 70 scientists and clinicians from fifty
institutions both in the US and abroad, will develop new therapies in
five broad areas and test these new interventions in Phase I/II clinical
trials. With more than $20 million dollars in funding per year, the
Network is responsible for all aspects of the implementation of the
clinical trials and mechanistic studies.

Working closely with clinicians, statisticians, biologists and
bioinformaticans, the incumbent will provide statistical consultancy and
guidance in experimental design and approaches to analyzing data to the
functional areas of the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN).  The incumbent
will contribute to the development of novel methods, as well as the
application of these and existing methods, to solve complex problems in
genomics, proteomics and statistical genetics.  An initial area of focus
will be gene expression analysis.


Required qualifications for this position include a PhD with 2+ years
experience. or Master degree with 5+ years experience in Statistics,
Mathematics, or related field; Knowledge of advanced statistical
methods; Solid background and experience using statistical approaches to
analyze large data sets; Experience with parametric and non-parametric
tests; Understanding of supervised and unsupervised clustering
algorithms; Knowledge of microarray technology is helpful. Ability to
clearly communicate ideas and results of analyses with researchers of
various backgrounds; Ability to work well in a team environment;
Excellent organizational and computer skills.  Excellent written and
verbal communications skills.


Programming skills in R, S-PLUS, or SAS; Some biology background are
preferred. Experience with Affymetrix technology is a plus; Knowledge of
programming languages (C/C++, Java, Perl) is a plus.



Detailed Description of Duties:


30%     Provide statistical design leadership for ITN's tolerance assay
programs by applying technical expertise and knowledge to complex
experiments designed to generate new scientific data.


Direct the design of basic research studies designed to advance the
understanding of the underlying mechanisms of immunomodulatory and
tolerogenic approaches conducted by the ITN.  Responsibilities include
selection of appropriate statistical techniques such as calculation of
sample size requirements for statistical significance, selection of
randomization and stratification methods, definition of immune/surrogate
markers and assessing the feasibility of recruiting and retaining
adequate numbers of patient samples.

Coordinate with CROs to ensure consistent design of databases for
appropriate analysis relating to mechanistic studies.  Provide general
oversight of the CRO's statistical work so that standards are followed
across all ITN trials as they relate to mechanistic portions of the

Help set up ITN standards for statistical reports (tables, listings,
figures, etc) and standards for statistical analyses. These analyses
will include reports for DSMB, IRB, and FDA submissions. 

Ensure effective design of study forms in collaboration with ITN
Clinical trials Group and ITN Investigators. 


40 %    Research and Development

Analyze new techniques and methodologies in comparison with standard

Modify and improve experimental set-up to ensure quality control 

Research and develop new techniques for the performance of or more
efficient experiments.

30%     Analysis and Reporting

Lead efforts to integrate and analyze a diversity of data, including
clinical phenotype data combined with gene expression, flow cytometry,
tetramer, tissue, ELLISPOT and genotype data.

Participate on project teams by communicating experimental findings or
results and providing technical expertise.

Prepare interim and final analyses of: validity, reliability and
specificity of techniques and methodologies used in performing assays;

Present analyses and recommendations to the ITN Steering Committee and
assist in implementing necessary modifications approved by the Steering
Committee, including revised research designs for mechanistic studies.

Assist in preparation for abstract presentations at scientific meetings;
manuscript preparation and study final report preparation.

Send CV to Jess Landis.  jlandis at immunetolerance.org
Position is located in Bethesda, MD

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