[BioC] Affy: Present calls in an eset

Ben Bolstad bolstad at stat.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 8 09:32:52 MEST 2003

I have a function lying around somewhere, maybe in my AffyExtensions code
that gives Presence/Absences calls, i think its named callPA() or
something like that. It uses an alternative metric from Affymetrix but
just pretty much does just as well as MAS 5.0 calls (which are pretty
good). of course MAS 5.0 calls, if memory serves me right, are a little
incompletely describe in the Affymetrix documentation. But It is not
difficult to come up with an alternative method that does pretty well.

Also, Ben Rubenstein gave a recent talk on the issue of detection. You can
download it from the Affy Low level workshop page


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