[BioC] time-course experiments

edoardo missiaglia edo_missiaglia at yahoo.it
Wed Oct 8 13:02:36 MEST 2003

Dear all,

I am now working on some time-course experiments and I
have applied to them some classical statistic methods
to identify genes that change their expression between
time points. However I have read few papers (such as
Peddada et al. Gene selection and clustering for
time-course and dose–response microarray experiments
using order-restricted inference; GUO, X et al
Statistical significance analysis of longitudinal gene
expression data; etc..) where they describe specific
methods for the analysis of this type of data.
Unfortunately my background (I am biologist) make
difficult to transform the algorithms reported in
these papers in something usable in R. In the same
time, I could not find packages in bioconductor that
face this kind of problems ( there is only GeneTS
written by Korbinian Strimmer, that is useful in a
cyclic time-course experiment).
I was wondering if anybody has already developed a
package or some functions usable in R specifically
designed for time-course experiment that consider the
particular structure of this data. Otherwise is there
anybody interest in developing something from scratch?
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best wishes,




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